This page lists all the contact details for Glasgow Nightline’s various officers and teams.

Please note that we do not offer support via any of these contact methods. If you would like to use our services, please visit our Need to Talk page.


If you would like to contact our Coordinator, please use this address: [email protected]

Training Officer

Our Training Officer is responsible for overseeing our comprehensive training programme for listening volunteers. They can be reached at [email protected]

Your first port of call if you wish to train as a listening volunteer should be our volunteering page, which contains detailed information on training and a link to the sign-up form.

However, if after reading the page you still have unanswered questions about training as a listening volunteer, our Training Officer will be more than happy to assist.


Our publicity team can be reached at [email protected]. They can provide publicity materials and attend events upon request.


Our fundraising team can be reached at [email protected].


If you’re looking for someone not in this list, please email our coordinator at the above address and they will do their best to help you.

Please be aware that, in order to maintain anonymity, we do not divulge the identities of our listening volunteers