Over forty Universities across the UK have their own Nightline, and Glasgow is no different. Despite each Nightline service operating independently, each follow the same five core principles: Confidentiality, Anonymity, Non-Directive, Non-Advisory & Non-Judgemental.


Nothing you say during a call will go any further, and no one else will know that you called.


When you ring Nightline, you are anonymous so that you can be completely honest. It can be easier to talk to someone who you don’t know.


When you ring Nightline, you decide exactly what you want to talk about and when. We will not analyse you, just offer a supportive listening ear.


We aim to give you the support and information you need to work things out yourself. We will not pretend to know what’s best for you and will never try to solve your problems for you.


We will always respect your opinions and decisions and will never pass judgement on whatever you tell us.