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Nightline is now open!

**Please note we are only operating our IM services due to Covid-19 restrictions. Our phone lines are closed.**

Phone: 0141 334 9516

Click here to use our Instant Messaging Service

To begin using our newly updated Instant Messaging Service, please click on the link above. You can use our IM service between 7pm and 12am, Monday to Friday.

All about GU Nightline

Nightline is a confidential telephone support and information service run for students, by trained student volunteers. We are available Monday to Friday from 7pm till 7am and we offer confidential listening and information to all students from Glasgow University.

Whether you’ve forgotten where your exam is in the morning or you just want to sound off because you’re fed up or worried, if your problem is big or small, you can give us a call to talk things through. We’ll help you work things out for yourself without patronising you, passing judgement or giving advice. It’s anonymous and completely confidential. So when you’re under pressure, making a decision, facing a crisis, feeling down, or just need to chat about something, give us a try, Nightline is here to help.

Check out our Facebook page for up-to-date news and information!

We will try our best to update our Facebook and the blog on this website when our service is unavailable.